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Chinese economy has changed from a stage of high-speed growth tohigh-quality development, which is an important judgment made by the the 19th Communist Party of China National Congress. At present, all kinds of work have been steadily pushed forward and the national economy has been running steady and prosperous. In 2018, China's GDP grew by 6.6%, exceeding 90 trillion yuan in total, and energy consumption per unit GDP fell by 3.1%. China's economy and society are moving steadily along the track of high-quality development. China's achievements ofpromoting high-quality development have conveyed tremendous confidence to the international community. China's economic structure has been constantly optimized, new momentum for development has been growing rapidly, and new breakthroughs have been made in reform and open. There is no doubt that high-quality economic development will become another miracle of China's development.


Chemical industry, as the national basic industry, plays an important role in the national economy,which is also one of the seven pillar industries of China. The development speed and scale of chemical industry have a direct impact on all sectors of society and economy. The annual output value of chemical products in the world has exceeded 1500 billion US dollars. Since the 13th Five-Year Plan, a batch of fast-growing enterprises, a batch of scientific and technicalinnovative enterprises, a batch of single champion enterprises and a batch of chemical parks with international competitive advantages have emerged in China's petroleum and chemical industry. The reportage collection "Cross the Wave" edited by Li Shousheng, president of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, has selected 21 leading enterprises as the representatives of the "four batches" enterprises. They are: Changqing Oilfield and Yanchang Petroleum, which have persisted in achieving high production in the ultra-low permeability oil field of "grindstone" for China's energy security; Huizhou Refining and Chemical and Jiujiang Petrochemical, which have breaked a new path for China's petroleum refining and chemical industry; Yantai Wanhua, Shandong Dongyue, Zhejiang Juhua, Xinjiang Tianye and Kingfa Science and Technology which have bravely climbed the peak of China's high-end new chemical materials. ; Zhejiang Longsheng and Sichuan Fuhua, which are the repid catch-ups of fine chemical industry in China; Shenhua and China Coal Group, which are the high-end breakthroughs in China's modern coal chemical industry; Luxi and JinZhengDa, which are pioneersin China's fertilizer industry; Sanju Environmental Protection, which strive for China's environmental protection industry; Tianchen Engineering and Qingdao Soft Control, which open up the international market for China; Daya Bay and Taixing are chemical parks aiming at world-class standards. The title page of "Cross the Wave" writes that tell motherland we love you, which is a passionate song dedicated by 6.5 million employees of China's petroleum and chemical industry to the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up of the Republic. It is an era report recording the leapfrogging development of the industry and a white paper encouraging the development of China's petroleum and chemical industries.


Fu XiangSheng, Vice president of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, said that 2018 was a year with frequent fluctuationsand the most uncertainties in the global economy. In 2018, the high-quality development of the petrochemical industry has been step forward and slidely changed steadily. In 2019, high-quality development of petrochemical industry will face both challenges and opportunities. He said that from the perspective of the economic operation of the petrochemical industry in 2018, we will face three challenges and three uncertainties in the new year. The chanenges are safety in production,strict environmental protection and external dependence;the uncertainties are Sino-US trade friction;, global downward pressure and international crude oil prices. But at the same time, there are also three new opportunities. First, the long-term improvement of China's economic fundamentals will benot changed; second, the macro-policy will bring new development and opportunities to the petrochemical industry; third, the potential of optimization and upgrading of the petrochemical industry structure is huge. Under this background, it is very important to promote the high-quality development of petrochemical industry. In 2019, the high-quality development of the petrochemical industry must take be stableand take of "consolidating, strengthening, upgrading and smoothing" as guiding principlesguide. We must focus on the main contradictions and highlight six development tasks: safety in production, innovation-driven, green development, quality efficiency, international cooperation and international first-class.


2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. After 70 years of development, China's petroleum and chemical industry has made remarkable achievements. The "2019 (18th) China International Chemical Industry Fair (ICIF China 2019), sponsored by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, CCPIT Sub-Council of Chemical Industry (CCPIT CHEM) and China National Chemical Information Center, will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from September 18 to 20, 2019. ICIF was first held in 1992. With the development of China's petrochemical industry, it has gone through 27 years. As one of the important annual activities of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, ICIF has been strongly supported and actively participated by members and petroleum and chemical enterprises for many years. The theme of the International Industrial Exhibition in 2019 will continue to be "Intelligent Chemistry – Innovation creates the Future", focusing on the a innovative development achievements of the petroleum and chemical industry.


ICIF China 2019 will bring together national enterprises represented by PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, China Chemical Industry, China Sinochem Group, National Energy Group and China Baowu. It will take Shanghai Huayi, Shaanxi Yanchang, Luxi Chemical Industry, Juhua Group, Tianjin Bohua, Qingdao Bay, CangzhouDahua and Jilin Chemical Industry Exhibition Group as the leading industries, with Hengli Petrochemical Industry and Jilin Chemical Industry Exhibition Group as its representatives. Rongsheng Petrochemical, Shenghong Petrochemical, Hengyi Petrochemical, Zhonggu Petrochemical, Dongming Petrochemical, Jingbo Petrochemical, Wanda Petrochemical and other leading private-owned integrated refining and chemical enterprises, such as Jiangyin Chengxing, Yuntianhua Petrochemical, Wengfu Group of Guizhou Province, Kaihua Group of Phosphorus Industry, Yihua Group, Xingfa of Hubei Province, Shifang Exhibition Group of Sichuan Province and other representative phosphorus chemical industry clusters, as well as Ningbo Chemical Industry Park and Da Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, Nanjing Chemical Industry Park, Liaoyang Chemical Industry Park, CangzhouLingang New Area and other top 30 related units will jointly present to the 70th anniversary of the motherland with the International Industrial Exhibition, displaying the achievements of petroleum and chemical enterprises, parks, products, equipment and technology; displaying new intelligent chemical technology, large data of petrochemical industry and innovation platform of Internet of Things, new artificial intelligence technology. Products, intelligent manufacturing new equipment, the latest measurement and monitoring products; display the latest achievements of occupational health, safety equipment and technology, environmental equipment and processing technology; there will be also include the Indian exhibition group, Taiwan exhibition group and, global top 50 petroleum and chemical enterprises to participate.


"2019 (18th) China International Chemical Industry Exhibition (ICIF China 2019)" invites media organizations and professionals from the global petroleum and chemical industry to gather in Shanghai from September 18 to 20. The official audience pre-registration platform has been opened (official website: www.icif.cn, Wechat: China International Chemical Exhibition). Let's meet in Shanghai in September.

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