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As the only comprehensive international chemical fair in China’s chemical industry, ICIF China has always been growing rapidly and gained popularity within the industry. It plays a crucial role to speed up internationalization of this industry.


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The sponsor of ICIF China is China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF), the former Ministry of Chemical Industry, and the former State Administration of Petroleum and Chemical Industry. The petroleum and chemical industry is essential for the development of national economy. CPCIF, as the only comprehensive association of this pillar industry, has committed itself to the mission of uniting China’s petroleum and chemical industry and facilitating its development. ICIF China is one of its major activities to encourage international exchange and cooperation. (d#Lc ldn:gw$|

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;M4DYP'E0 CEOs, Engineers , Technocrats and Scientists n&FlQ/k


Marketing Chiefs, Professionals and Consultants 8P;HPY,q

5ct7y`NZ t0 Policy Makers, Diplomats and Foreign Commercial Corps

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fD+vo }X|0 Industry Associations and Trade Delegations from China & Abroad


e+aNc|qaRj0 Buying missions from neighboring regions

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- Hosted in Shanghai, the best Opportunity to understand and enter China Chemical Market

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- The most efficient way to find the latest chemical products in China

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- 25 years’ history makes the most well-known exhibition with good reputation in China chemical industry @Fv$ijp

3A"c+g:c;N{9`2Fv0 - Sponsored by the most authoritative organization- China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF) 9JwGfa6Q/P7m@



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WHAT'S NEW }}f~5K6a0J^ }


- SmartChem ConferenceAiming at bringing together authoritative industry experts and stimulating the mind of industry players.


OR C%}0lQ0 - Concurrent Exhibition: t~$jG*I#G3f~'G


Oil, Gas and Petroleum Engineering  !D/vSQ?&d

&wwrS:E+E}%b5l0 Automation and Robots 


/ZIBnC l-Uq"b0 Chemical Packaging and Container

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Green Dyechem and Textile Chemicals  -ZIY1Ih2oP6o
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