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g3Xi.d` S0 SWEECC is located in the center of Shanghai and near the Huangpu River. It is 40 km away from Pudong International Airport to the east, and 20 km away from Hongqiao Airport to the west. There are several transports direct to SWEECC, including Airport bus line, Metro line and several bus lines.

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Pudong International Airport --- SWEECC
t:`Z/Ty3q._Qq{0 By taxi: about 50 minutes; around CNY 140 lb%u:e"l I P
By Metro: Take line 2 to get off at Longyang Road Station where you can walk or interchange Line 7 to SWEECC directly; about 40 minutes; CNY 5
%V$[m%u ^ xqKt:g0 By Airport Bus line:  Pk0L`ohr

6d0U5H@d4vg0 Take line 5 to get off at Dongfang Hospital Station and change to bus line 82 that is directed to SWEECC; about 70 minutes; CNY 18#Xh{Ai5\t5Z
Take line 3 to get off at Longyang Road Station and change to Metro line 7 that is directed to SWEECC; about 60 minutes; CNY 25
+Ncr`?h E8t0 Hongqiao Airport --- SWEECC
c6^6u rja8~0 By taxi: about 35 minutes; around CNY 80W/ed/^4h SA(g0d
By Metro: Take line 10 from Terminal 1 to the Laoximen Station and interchange line 8 that is directed to SWEECC; about 40 minutes; CNY 6
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Hongqiao Airport Hotline: 021-62688918  Pudong International Airport Hotline: 021-38484500




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