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ICIF CHINA 2016, sponsored by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation and co-sponsored by CCPIT Sub-Council of Chemical Industry andChina National Chemical Information Centre and, will be held from September 21 to 23, 2016 in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center. ICIF CHINA 2016 follows the theme of “Smart Chemical Industry, Innovation Shapes the Future” and demonstrates new materials, new technologies and new equipment of the petrochemical industry. 

Over 24 years’ development, ICIF CHINA has been widely recognized by the petrochemical circles at home and abroad and has become an authoritative industry brand exhibition with great popularity and active participation. As a vane of the industry, ICIF CHINA has not only been closely focusing on the development process of high-tech products in petrochemical field but also committed to promoting the industrial innovation and sustained development together with industry counterparts It is an important platform for petrochemical industry and up-, mid- and down-stream industries to conduct annual communication. 

Under the complicated background at home and abroad during the period of the “12th Five-Year Plan”, the Chinese petrochemical industry has greatly advanced mode transformation and structural adjustment. Remarkable achievements have been made in respects of energy security capability, industrial structural adjustment, scientific and technological innovation, energy saving and emission reduction, enterprise comprehensive strength and foreign cooperation, etc. 2016 witnessed the beginning of the "13th Five-Year Plan". The contradictions in excess production capacity fail to be eased fundamentally. Problem of industry and product structure deterioration and homogenization are still serious. With further enhancement of energy resources and environmental constraints, the cost rises rapidly, the growth of market demands slows down, innovation capability and market development capability of petrochemical industry are urgent to be improved. 

 “Smart Chemical Industry” will be the development direction for the petrochemical industry in the future. Internet+ will be an important role in “Smart Chemical Industry”. It involves the whole industry chain of production, circulation and consumption as well as each field of industry Internet, consumer Internet and Internet finance. The application of Internet technology will bring a profound reform to this traditional industry, drive the transformation and upgrading of petroleum and petrochemicals and change the industry dramatically. It will not only promote the production mode transformation of oil refining companies and the change of enterprise operation mode, but also drive the logistics system transformation of petrochemicals and the change of terminal sales mode and consumption mode of refined oil products. In the “Internet+” context, network technology will completely change the operation system of traditional enterprises which take products as the center and implement closed operation of production and sales. A group of comprehensive service platforms for E-business of petrochemical industry with information interaction, supply chain and logistics management, payment and financing service are established at the right moment. The openness, timeliness, digitization and large scale of these platforms will build a new ecological system for enterprise operation. These platforms will enable mobile vertical search engine of petrochemicals, solve the problems in traditional industry, and also collect a large amount of petrochemical information. With information classification, collection and integration conducted all the time, they function as resource sharing and play an important role as a super database. 

During the period of ICIF CHINA 2016, the organizing committee specially holds the “ICIF CHINA 2016 / Smart Chemical Industry – Chemical Industry E-business Conference” strictly in accordance with the industry background, and invites government departments, industry experts, chemical industry and E-business representatives from home and abroad to discuss the following two issues: 1. How to use software, service and Internet of Things technology to achieve the reconstruction of industry system, process and mode of the park. 2. Discuss the policy background and market trend of chemical E-business development from a macroscopic perspective and exchange cases and experience on chemical E-business development at home and abroad in the forms of keynote speech and special dialogues. The conference not only brings together authoritative experts in the industry and latest information, but also drives brainstorming of visitors at the exhibition and stimulates the thinking of petrochemical personnel. 

The theme of “Smart Chemical Industry, Innovation Shapes the Future” has attracted a great number of large petrochemical enterprises, industrial parks and regional pavilions to take part in the exhibition actively. SINOPEC, CNPC, Yanchang Petroleum, CHEMCHINA, SINOCHEM and Luxi Chemical Group, etc. have established special exhibition areas. The exhibition will focus on displaying new products, technologies and equipment of industrial parks including Ningbo Petrochemicals park, Jilin pavilion, Henan pavilion and Shandong pavilion to offer advices for upgrading and transformation of petrochemical industry and joint discussion on future development. Currently, more than 300 exhibitors have signed up for this exhibition, including domestic and international industry leaders and key enterprises in the fields of petroleum, chemical raw materials, fine chemicals and chemical equipment. A series of activities will be carried out during the exhibition. This year also marks the 15th anniversary of ICIF CHINA. A range of wonderful anniversary celebration activities will be held which cannot be missed. 

We sincerely invite you to enjoy the exhibition in Shanghai and witness the 24 years’ development course of ICIF CHINA with us!
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