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%r;Q9o'sk/l3_h0 China International Exhibition Center of Chemical Industry

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was established in 1991, by the former Ministry of Chemical Industry, :l/@%X ~:L

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it has the qualification of organizing economic and trade exhibition home y e5Z9hZO5@)j6GB

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and abroad. It enjoys excellent rules and guidance of exhibition managementand operation, ability of shouldering civil responsibility and exhibitor attraction as well as the service system of planning, designing, organizing, managing,


6W3PJX!\(u0 foreign language provide and construction personnel.


vCaNc/p$pu0 en.cncic.cn / en.expocncic.com n&ftDw

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2r$Vih8H$r1[0 CCPIT Sub-Council of Chemical Industry (CCPIT CHEM), CCOIC Chemical Chamber of Commerce, a sub council of CCPIT and CCOIC, was established in July 1990. Based upon membership, CCPIT CHEM acts in accordance with the Constitution and Tenet of CCPIT, and dedicates herself to promoting trade exchange and economic & technological cooperation between China and the rest countries and regions, serving chemical industry and enterprises and accelerating the continuous industry development with our unceasing efforts.

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China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF) is a non-government, not-for-profit organization composed of voluntary companies, institutes, sectional associations and local associations of the petroleum and chemical industry. It is a comprehensive national guild entity that provides service and implements certain administrative functions for the industry. ;}p_`6GE2\

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