Automation and Robots @ ICIF China

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Automation and Robots @ ICIF China 







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K$gB3w ]0 Automation and Robot @ ICIF 2017 was a professional sub brand derived from the ICIF China. The show will be held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center from August 30 to September 1, 2017, the world's automation and robot companies will all be present. The show will take the robots and process automation as the biggest highlight, presenting a high-quality industry event to the exhibitors and visitors. Through the invitation of the organizers, the show will attract visitors from more than 20 countries and regions in the chemical and related industries. Exhibitors could be very continent and efficient access to sales leads, promote new products, and establish a brand image to further enhance the market competitive advantage. R:Jw-J:Hpu(a y+M

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Product Range:


l  Machine Vision:   N6|3U@ UZQ(?
Image Processing System, Machine Vision Integration, Smart Camera Accessories, Industrial Lens, Light Source/Board, Machine Vision Software Package, Sensor, Grating

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l  AI Robot   'uF;Bk5Y G
Intelligent Customer Service Robot, Robot Receptionists, Quasi-brain Robot, Bionic Robot, Cleaning Robot, Sensor Robot, Interactive Robot, Autonomous Robot, Inspection Robot
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l   Automation Technology And Equipment:  K%len;Td8E ? ]uf
Transmission System Component, Electromechanical Part And Auxiliary Equipment, Industrial Electrical System, Industrial Control System, Industrial Computer Equipment, Industrial Automation Software, Interface Technology, Junctor, Low-voltage Switchgear, Human Machine Interaction, Micro System Technology, Laser Technology, Mechanical Components, Industrial Measurement Instrument, Industrial Communication

l  Industrial Robot And Smart Factory:   X`u)rRs4M Cr


Industrial Robot, Robot Developing Platform And Software, Robot Component, Manipulator, Automatic Guide Vehicle, Smart Factory Solution,Non-standard Equipment Customization And Assembly jz)hO:a#j/C_+o-]q

l  Automation:K w*fD&I1o
Non-standard Customized Machine, Robot Integration Application, Intelligent Equipment And Transmission Equipment, Feeding And Connection System, Drive & Control system

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