Pump Valve & MVR

Chemical Pump valve & MVR @ ICIF China is a sub brand comes with ICIF China. 2018 is a second year of the 13th Five-year. The state council issued The opinions on accelerating the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industryclearly pointed out that the large chemical equipment included in the 16 key areas of key breakthroughs in the future. With tens of millions of tons of oil refining, megaton large ethylene terephthalate (PTA), chemical fertilizer, large-scale coal chemical and natural gas liquefaction and other complete sets of equipment, large centrifugal compressor, large volume type compressor, key valve, reaction heat exchanger, extrusion granulator, large-scale air separation equipment, cryogenic pumps for key, Promote the independence of petrochemical equipment, chemical equipment manufacturing enterprises in China to provide a broad market space. According to the marketing research, in order to promote the enterprise brand, complete the rapid expansion of the market, equipment products and technology related enterprises are the new theme of the exhibition will carry the latest R&D solutions at the ICIF China.

Product Range:

Pump: Piston Pump, Diaphragm Pump, Roots Pump, Screw Pump, Gear Pump, Rotor Pump, Vane Pump, Axial Vortex Pump, Mixed Flow Pump, Jet Pump, Lift Pump, Chemical Pump, Oil Pump, Sanitary Pump, Frie Pump, AC Pump, Sewage Pump, Sprinkle Pump, Metering Pump, Emulsion Pump, Dosing Pump, Noncorrosive Pump, Centrifugal Pump.


Evaporator: MVR, Film Evaporation Equipment, Short Film Evaporator, Scraped Film Evaporator, Centrifugal Film Evaporator, Falling Film Evaporator, Rotary Film Evaporator, Vacuum Evaporator, External Heating Type External Circulation Vacuum Evaporator, Wastewater Evaporator, Graphite Evaporator, Multi Effect Distilled Water Machine, Pure Steam Generator, Steam Ejector, Steam Jet Pump, Evaporation Crystallizer, Special Materials for Vessels, Head Cap, Welding Technology, Sealing Material, NDE


Crystallizer: Vacuum Crystallizer, Concentrating Crystallization Equipment, Cooling Crystallization Equipment, Isoelectric Point Crystallization Equipment, Continuous Casting Mold, Graphite Crystallizer, Continuous Crystallizer, Up Casting Crystallizer, Vacuum Cooking Pot, Vertical Crystallizing Tank, Horizontal Crystallizing Tank, Crystallization Stirring Device


Heat Exchanger: Plate Shell Heat Exchanger, Finned Heat Exchanger, Spiral Heat Exchanger, Corrugated Tube Heat Exchanger, Graphite Heat Exchanger, Ceramic Heat Exchanger, High Efficiency Heat Exchanger, Heat Exchanger Unit, Radiator, Warm Braw Heat Exchanger, Water Cooled Metal Fin Radiator, Heat Exchanger


Compressed Air Systems and Equipment: Compressor, Compressed Air System, Compressed Air Purification Equipment and Apparatus, Roots Blower, Centrifuge, Industrial Control Computer and PLC Control System and Frequency Conversion Technology, Compressed Air Dryer, Compressed Air Filter, Compressed Air Tank


Drying Equipment: Rotary Dryer, Chain Layer, Band Dryer, Spin Flash Dryer, Blade Drying, Drum Tube Dryer,

Water Treatment Equipment: Sewage Treatment Equipment, Water Purification Equipment, Desalination Plant


Evaporative Crystallization Equipment: Effect Separator, Condenser, Hot Pump, Sterilizer, Thermal Insulation Pipe, Vacuum and Drainage System, Each Material Liquid Delivery Pump, Steam Manifold, Operating Platform, Electric Appliance Control Cabinet and Valve, Piping, Mixing Equipment, Concentrating Equipment, Extraction Equipment, Extrusion Granulation Equipment, Purification Distillation Equipment, Fermentation Equipment, Laboratory and Pilot Plant, Water Treatment Equipment

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