ICIF/SmartChem Conference

ICIF/SmartChem Conference 2019 Call for SPEAKER!!!

The ICIF/SmartChem Conference 2019 provides the perfect backdrop for the demonstration and transfer of know-how among members of the chemical trade with a clear focus on the challenges and opportunities in China. In preparation for the event in 2018, we are now open for abstract submissions and invite you to become a speaker at our conference.


The theme for the ICIF/SmartChem Conference 2018 is: Innovation Creates the Future

Please refer to the submission instructions before proceeding. All proposals received will be considered by our advisory committee. An email notification of the selection results will be sent to all selected speakers by 30 May 2019.


ICIF/SmartChem values the contributions of industry experts for the development of the chemical business and as such, conference registration fees have been waived for all selected speakers.


Abstract submissions and presentations will be accepted in English or Chinese. Simultaneous interpretation for the audience will be provided at the main tracks of the conference free-of-charge.


1. Abstract Submissions can be submitted via Email or Fax
A.   Visit our website at en.icif.cn. Download the submission form (or use Appendix I as enclosed directly). Fill out all appropriate fields and necessary information for abstract submission and submit your abstract per email or fax.


EMAIL TO: monika.yu@cncic.cn

FAX TO: +86 10 64447112


B. Before submitting your presentation topic, consider this year's conference theme “Innovation Creates the Future” and its focus on:

- Policies and Markets

- Advanced Materials and Innovative Technologies

- Health, Security and Environment


The conference will focus on opportunities to develop China’s chemical industry which is well on its way to become the world’s largest chemical market. All topics which present ways and strategies for maintaining and increasing profitability in an increasingly competitive and ever-changing technical and political environment are welcome.


C.  Include the topic of your presentation (max. 20 words) and enclose a brief summary of no more than 150 words. Indicate a main category that your abstract would best be fitted in.


D.  You may choose between a Podium Presentation or participation in a Panel Discussion.

If you have any questions, please send an email to m.yu@cncic.cn



2. Selection Process
Our advisory committee will review all abstracts received by 30 May 2019. It is our goal to form a highly educational and informative conference program that addresses issues of interest to the chemical industry in China.


Selection criteria include among others the relevance of the presentation, practicality and structure of the proposal, as well as up-to-dateness. All presentations should be of non-commercial nature. However, product and company presentations may be held during individual seminars or workshops during the International Chemical Industry Fair exhibition against a fee. Please contact us for more details.


3. Process Timeline and Final Paper Submission

- Abstract submission deadline: 30 May 2019

- Notification of acceptance: 31 June 2019

- Submission of complete presentation paper (including PowerPoint presentation slides): 31 July 2019

Please submit your full paper to the following:


EMAIL TO: monika.yu@cncic.cn

FAX TO: +86 10 64418362


Keep us updated! Notify us immediately of any changes, additions or corrections in presenter, presentation title, or availability to give a presentation at the appointed date and time.



4. Presentation Formats 

A.  Podium Presentations

Each session is about 90 minutes long, including 3-5 speakers (max.), each presenting for 20 minutes. Specific time will be determined based on the number of presenters per session. Your presentation should be visually supported in standard PowerPoint format. As ICIF/SmartChem 2018 Conference is a paper-less conference, all presentations will be available online during and after the conference for attendees to download or print. 


B.   Panel Discussion

Each panel discussion includes a group of specialists from different backgrounds, who discuss and share their views on a specific theme, moderated by an industry professional often in a questions and answers style. PowerPoint slides are not required if you are scheduled to attend a panel discussion.

5. Topic and Categories

The topic of this year’s conference is: Innovation Creates the Future

Presentations can fall under the following categories (please indicate during submission):


Policies & Markets

  • -      Policies
  • -      Market Development
  • -      Project Development
  • -      Finance, Insurance
  • -      Legal
  • -      Others

Advanced Materials

  • -      Materials Chemistry: Past, Present and Future
  • -      Molecular Magnetics, Metals and Superconductors
  • -      Advanced Polymeric Materials –
  • -      High Performance Polymers
  • -      CVD
  • -      Nanophase Materials
  • -      Nanoporous Materials (zeolites, pillared clays etc.)
  • -      Molecular Precursor Routes to Inorganic Solids/
  • -      Materials Currently in Biomedical Usage.

Innovative Technologies and Solutions

  • -      Chemistry in computing
  • -      Chemistry in transportation
  • -      Smart Factory

Health, Security and Environment

  • -      Chemistry and Health Care
  • -      Chemistry and Safe, Abundant Food and Water
  • -      Chemistry and Active and Healthier Lives
  • -      Chemical Security
  • -      Cutting Green House Emissions
  • -      Helping Keep the Environment Clean
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