Date: September 19-21,2024 Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Centre

Chemical industry reacts to 29 March Brexit vote


Speaking on 29 March, Steve Elliott, Chief Executive of the Chemical Industries Association said: “on the day when we were due to leave the European Union, the only certainty is more uncertainty. We are concerned that investors will not wait. It is in the interest of the chemical industry across the continent of Europe to achieve a solution that will be the basis for an agreed future relationship between the UK and the EU. And we need that solution now.


Everyone understands that this is not easy – indeed, we knew that almost 3 years ago when British voters divided 48% to 52% in the EU referendum. At times of crisis however, the business community works together to find a solution - it is high time our politicians showed the same responsibility and collective leadership. I hope they do so before it is too late.”



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