Date: September 19-21,2024 Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Centre

With a rich 30-year history, ICIF China has ascended to become the premier global hub for the petroleum and chemicals sector. It has not only emerged as a pivotal player in showcasing China's cutting-edge technologies but also as a catalyst for fostering international trade relations.

Currently, the trajectory of innovation in the global chemical industry has shifted towards pioneering advancements such as new energy, clean energy, green chemistry, novel chemical materials, and high-end specialty chemicals, among others. Under the banner of "Innovation and Optimization: Shaping the Future Together," ICIF China offers a dynamic platform for unveiling groundbreaking products and solutions, forging strategic partnerships, and seizing lucrative business prospects, all aimed at propelling the industry forward collaboratively.

China stands as the unrivaled titan in chemical production, contributing a staggering 40% to the global chemical landscape. As the chemical realm continues to evolve, ICIF China stands poised to offer unparalleled opportunities for companies seeking to expand their market footprint and drive exponential growth.



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